Over the past 20 years I have attended numerous book signing and reading events - including every Texas Book Festival since the early 1990's - and am also unable to pass a thrift store without scanning the book shelves. I have accumulated close to 4000 signed books, broadsheets and other ephemera in that period and have assembled a small number here for your consideration.  All volumes have been described and graded according to current industry standards. If you are unable to find a specific author or title on this page please feel free to peruse my full catalog of books and slipcases here  or employ the Search box above.

  • Elizabeth - July 2021

    Joshua was helpful and responsive to all my questions.

  • C. Sapian - Aug 2021

    Outstanding product from an awesome seller. Item arrived packed with meticulous detail. Will do business with this seller again.

  • Gordon Nov 2021

    Beautiful case! Professional craftsmanship. Excellent seller. Thanks!

  • Sheryl - Sept 2021

    This is amazing! So much better than I had hoped for. Super fast shipping A+ Highly recommended Thank you 😊

  • Mike - Jan 2021

    I just received 2 more slipcases from the Casemaker -- as usual they are
    great, and were delivered promptly. I have always been very satisfied.

  • Greg - May 2021

    Border Trilogy 3 case set arrived in perfect condition. I have never seen
    another Trilogy in cases. Amazing craftsmanship and now my pristine
    unread copies can be protected beyond the mylar covers and are very presentable.